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11 tips for keeping things fresh in a long-term relationship

 It's a universal fact: In a long-term, committed relationship, keeping your sex life fresh and exciting can be challenging. After the initial sparks die down and a routine begins, the bedroom can start to feel a bit routine, even if the attraction to your partner remains strong. However, no matter your current situation, there are many strategies to inject some excitement into your sex life.

1. Buy some underwear

Underwear is now more inclusive and suitable for all body types. Humans are highly visual creatures, and enhancing the clothing you wear adds an extra dimension of sexiness and enhances sexual appeal. Underwear can also help increase confidence and comfort in your body, promoting intimacy and presence during sex. Essentially, it acts as a powerful confidence booster.

2. Try the temperature game

Adding temperature play to your bedroom repertoire can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life. You can start with classic techniques, like using ice cubes to gently slide along each other's bodies, or taking deep breaths in and out to blow hot air onto sensitive areas like your legs, arms, or neck. This brings new physical sensations to sex, providing experiences you may have never explored before.

3. Express your emotions openly

Sometimes, revitalizing your sex life requires facing your true feelings about the whole experience. If you are experiencing sexual discomfort or anxiety, it may be helpful to seek professional support.

This is especially important if you suspect these reactions stem from past trauma. Consulting with a gynecologist, nurse practitioner, licensed therapist, or clinical counselor can be an important step toward recovery. Seek help from your health care provider because it is important to prioritize your health. Then, communicate these emotions with your partner and work together to develop a plan that promotes relaxation and pleasure during intimate sex.

4. Have makeup sex

Make-up sex is often a way for couples to reconnect after a disagreement or tension in their relationship. Getting together intimately after a heated argument can be intense because it allows partners to release each other's pent-up energy. However, make sure you address the underlying issues that caused the conflict. While sex shouldn't be viewed as a cure-all for relationship challenges, it can promote reconnection and help resolve conflicts between you and your partner.

5. Try holding your mouth upside down

Interested in trying something new? Reversing the verbal may just be the answer to the problem. It’s a fun twist on a familiar activity. Turning it upside down adds a fresh element. Of course, safety and comfort should always be your priority when trying new positions.

Curious about this technology? Start by lying horizontally on the bed, with your head slightly hanging over the edge of the bed, facing the ceiling. Your partner can then position themselves above you so you can have a different angle as you explore orally. This novel sensation can certainly add excitement and variety to your intimate encounters.

6. Take the initiative

Take control of your sexual experience and communicate your desires to your partner. Whether it's guiding them to kiss, touch, or hold you in a specific way, it's all about making sure you get the pleasure you crave. Don’t marginalize yourself in your own sexual journey when you can be the helmsman of the ship.

If you're not sure where to start, a simple script may help. Say and express your preferences, such as 'touch me here' or 'slow down' and you will experience the pleasure you desire. Coaching your partner will not only ensure a more satisfying experience for you, but it will also allow them to understand your preferences so they can better meet your needs in the future.

7. Embrace pre-sex yoga

Consider practicing yoga with your partner before intimacy, especially after a busy day or when you're feeling overwhelmed. Yoga promotes mindfulness. When you tune in to your body and mind through yoga, it can have a positive impact on your experience in the bedroom. Essentially, yoga increases body awareness and mindfulness, enhancing pleasure and connection during sex.

8. Explore public intimacy (if feasible)

For many people, having sex in public can be an exciting fantasy. The excitement comes from the possibility of getting caught. However, since public indecency laws vary by city and jurisdiction, it's important to proceed with caution. I recommend. For a discreet experience, consider heading to a secluded area at dusk to minimize the risk of detection.

9. Relive the excitement of the backseat

Rekindle the excitement of automotive intimacy. For many, it evokes a sense of nostalgia, recalling a time when cars were the only private space available. Just make sure you choose a location where you won’t run into any legal issues or have your date interrupted by nosy neighbors.

Sexy couple kissing in the car

10. Explore different penetration techniques

If you and your partner are willing to try it, consider diversifying your penetration experience. For example, hookups are becoming more and more popular among many people. It's a safe and exciting way to explore new boundaries and introduce different sex toys into your play. Additionally, it provides a fresh avenue of pleasure since the prostate is highly sensitive.

11. Try anal sex

Anal sex doesn’t have to be intimidating. From anal beads to small butt plugs and strap-on dildos, there are plenty of ways to explore this with your partner. You can also choose to stimulate the anus with your mouth, often called rimming, which doesn't necessarily involve penetration.

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