12 Creative Ways to Make Pride Month Unforgettable

12 Creative Ways to Make Pride Month Unforgettable

The origin of Pride Month?

LGBT Pride Month is held in the United States to commemorate the Stonewall riots at the end of June 1969, when homosexuality was not accepted. Police raided a gay bar in New York City and its patrons fought back. After that, more and more LGBTQ+ groups united. A year later, on June 28, 1970, the first Pride Parade was held, reaching thousands of people, which also promoted the movement of pride around the world. People celebrate pride events.

After that, many pride events were held to prove the impact of LGBT to the world. Pride month activities promote self-affirmation, dignity and equality for LGBT people, while expanding LGBT visibility and influence.

Why celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month is for commemoration, for the LGBTQ+ community to be more united, for a call for greater equality, and for reflection on the past. A series of activities during Pride Month can better make the public aware of LGBTQ+ related culture. Reflect on and recognize unfairness and inequality.

Pride and the Origin of the Rainbow Flag

The term Pride owes much to bisexual activist Brenda Howard, known as the "Mother of Pride" who held the first Pride parade to commemorate the Stonewall uprising.

The Rainbow Flag was designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, commissioned by the San Francisco City Supervisor to celebrate Pride.

How to make Pride Month more memorable?

1. Participate in Pride Month parades or activities

There are parades and activities related to Pride Month in many countries and cities. Even if you are not an LGBTQ+ person, you can participate in Pride Month activities and parades. This will give you a deeper understanding and knowledge of this group and culture, and at the same time, you can reduce some mistakes. perceptions and prejudices, and promote a more equal outlook.

2. An honest answer

Answering your sexual orientation and gender identity honestly can better convey LGBTQ+ related culture to others and better understand and understand the relevant groups. Having the courage to admit it can also increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as your sense of self-identity.

3. Design related peripherals

Design rainbow-related products and peripherals, which can be worn during parades or sold. It can better promote LGBTQ+ related culture, and can also increase cultural confidence and self-esteem.

4. Participate in volunteer or charity activities

By becoming a volunteer in related activities, you can have a better and deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ culture, understand each other better, and increase your sense of identity and self-confidence. At the same time, becoming a volunteer can also help you participate in relevant cultural activities and find like-minded friends.

Donate to meaningful LGBTQ+-related events or support non-profit organizations that fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Supporting these activities and organizations can become more equal and fight for equal rights.

5. Be an advocate

Becoming an advocate of LGBTQ+ can better build self-confidence and identity, and at the same time, you can better promote and learn related knowledge and culture.

6. Self-education

During this period of time, self-study to better understand relevant cultural knowledge, popularization and dissemination of relevant cultural and knowledge points to others can also help others better understand and break some inherent impressions and prejudices.

7. Support LGBTQ+ culture and art

LGBTQ+ related literary and artistic works deserve to be seen by more people, and we can better promote and purchase them.

Have a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ related cultures and eliminate some people's stereotypes and prejudices.

8. Create a Pride playlist

Create a Spotify music playlist. You can create it with your friends. Everyone contributes their favorite songs and jointly creates a playlist. You can share each other's music taste very well, and you can also share this playlist with more people on social platforms.

9. Pride Movie Night

Hosting a Pride movie night is also a great option. You can watch LGBTQ+-related movies by yourself at home, or you can watch them with your friends and discuss them together.

10. Make rainbow-related decorations

Making rainbow-related decorations can not only exercise your hands-on skills, but also unleash your creativity and imagination. It can also be used as a home decoration and souvenir, which is a very meaningful thing.

11. Share copy on social platforms

Sharing on social platforms can expand influence and awareness while increasing self-identity.

12. Read books related to Pride Month

During Pride Month in June, holding a "Pride Month" reading session and reading related books, magazines and periodicals can better promote and gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ culture. For example, "The Well of Loneliness" was published in 1982, which was the first lesbian novel. This book tells the story of the loneliness that LGBTQ+ people feel in the heterosexual community. This book has been criticized in many places. Censorship and banning.

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