17 ideas to make your summer dates more fun

17 ideas to make your summer dates more fun

In the coming summer, do you want to have some beautiful memories to make your summer more wonderful? It's time to put on your sexy clothes and have a romantic date. Below I’ll list a few sexy ideas to give you a little inspiration and ideas.

1.Sunset Cruise

Whether you're at a lake, stream or seaside, spending time in the water is a great option during the summer. Especially under the afterglow of the setting sun, you can cruise on the water and enjoy the beautiful summer scenery.


Find a place with beautiful scenery and fresh air in advance. Bring your carefully prepared delicacies and enjoy them in the sun.

3.Farmer’s market

Visiting a local farmer’s market is not only a great way to learn about the seasonal vegetables. It's also a good idea to prepare a large bouquet of flowers, get to know each other's food preferences, and buy some fruits, vegetables, and meat to take home. Show off your cooking skills to your partner by making a delicious lunch or dinner.

4.Music festival

Go to a music festival in the summer and listen to your favorite music. Humming songs in the music atmosphere and feeling each other.

5.Museums and art galleries

Visiting museums or art exhibitions can not only cultivate your sentiments, increase relevant historical and cultural knowledge, but also improve your aesthetics. In this process, you can understand each other's aesthetic preferences, learn more about art knowledge and aesthetics, and it can also become a good topic.

6.Starry Sky Cinema

In many places, outdoor movies are set up in the summer, and most of them are free, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful night views and starry sky. Bring some delicious food and get closer while chatting and watching movies.


Want to add a little adventure to your summer date? Outdoor camping is a good choice to get close to nature while increasing the feeling of excitement.

8. Road trip

If you want to hit the road and feel the freedom and wind, then a road trip is perfect for you. Choose a route with beautiful scenery and enjoy the scenery along the way. If you want a more immersive experience, a convertible would be a great choice.

9.Handmade DIY

DIY DIY can bring out each other's creativity and is also a very intimate date activity. You can understand each other's thoughts and preferences during the production process, and it can also be used as a good souvenir or a gift to each other. You can try tie-dying, pottery, making couple's rings and other activities.

10.Hiking outdoors

Want to add a bit of adventure to your date while still getting some exercise? Then outdoor hiking would be a good choice. You can enjoy the scenery along the way and get close to nature while getting a good exercise. Exercise can release hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, and feel happiness and joy.

11.Short trips

Want to experience different customs and customs? Plan a short trip during the holidays, choose a new city, village, or country. Feel different cultures and customs, relax your body and mind, and put aside some of the worries in life for a short time.

12.Amusement park

The amusement park is a place where people can recall the good times of childhood and inspire each other's inner innocence. Some thrilling rides can also enhance mutual feelings. You can also take a ride on the Ferris wheel or carousel to feel the romantic atmosphere and the atmosphere gradually heating up.

13.Sunbathing on the beach

When you think of a summer date, the beach is a must. The seaside is the most suitable for summer, and it is also the first thing that comes to mind. Sunbathe on the beach, soak in the feeling of the sun shining on your body, and feel the sea breeze blowing on your skin.

14.Watch the fireworks show

Watch the fireworks show at night to set the tone for a romantic date night. Walking hand in hand under the fireworks show has become a precious memory for each other.


Choose a place with a beautiful view and bring your favorite food for a barbecue. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to experience the fun of barbecue and taste the fruits of your own hard work? If you want something simpler, you can choose to have a barbecue in your own backyard. Not only are the ingredients and drinks readily available, but you can also play your favorite music to make the barbecue more atmospheric.

16.Candlelight dinner

When you think of a date, you have to mention a romantic candlelight dinner. This may be an older idea, but you can add new twists to the idea to make candlelight dinners more interesting.


Find some retro goods or trinkets at the local market. Use your imagination to imagine the history and stories of the items, which can make your journey more interesting.

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