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8 Reasons Why You Need a Sex Toy

The increased presence of sex toys in mainstream media, thanks to movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and Sex And The City, has normalized their use, often portraying them as tools solely for sexual pleasure. However, sex toys serve a broader purpose beyond mere stimulation or enhancing sexual experiences. While seeking intense orgasms is natural and enjoyable, these devices offer more than just that.

Apart from fulfilling sexual needs, sex toys contribute to mental well-being, enhance intimacy in relationships, and offer various other benefits that many might not be aware of.

In this post, we'll outline eight advantages of incorporating sex toys into one's life to improve both health and sexual experiences. Before delving into the list, it's essential to address any apprehensions individuals may have about owning or using sex toys for the first time.

There's no shame in using sex toys

Embracing the use of sex toys for a healthy and fulfilling sex life should be celebrated, not stigmatized. Tracy's gog firmly believes that both men and women can greatly benefit from incorporating sex toys into their intimate experiences. These tools aid in understanding one's body, fostering self-awareness, and ultimately contribute to becoming a more adept and responsive lover.

Stepping into a traditional adult store with its obscured windows and flashing signs proclaiming "Adults Only!" might have been intimidating in the past, but those days have evolved.

Online shopping has revolutionized the accessibility of exploring a wide range of toys, understanding individual preferences, perusing product reviews, all while maintaining the privacy and comfort of one's home.

Speaking of privacy, most online sex shops prioritize discreet packaging. They ship products in unassuming brown boxes, omitting any explicit branding on the packaging. Additionally, the merchant name on bank statements differs from the online storefront name, ensuring customer confidentiality and avoiding potential discomfort with family members or postal service personnel when receiving or collecting parcels.

With those considerations addressed, here is a curated list highlighting eight key benefits of sex toys, focusing on their capacity to enhance both health and sexual experiences:


Sex toys offer a gateway to an uncharted realm, allowing for a deeper exploration of one's body. They enable individuals to discover and delve into various erogenous zones, fostering an essential understanding of their own physicality crucial for a fulfilling sex life.

Understanding one's body and its pleasure points facilitates open and honest communication with a partner, leading to improved sexual experiences by effectively conveying preferences.

Sucking Tongue Licking Rose Vibrator

Enhanced Body Positivity:

Exploration and stimulation with sex toys aid in identifying personal arousal triggers. This intimate self-discovery fosters a heightened self-awareness, potentially elevating self-esteem and generating a more positive self-image.

Managing Anxiety and Depression:

SSRI medications, commonly prescribed for anxiety and depression, often lead to decreased libido due to elevated serotonin levels affecting sexual desire and orgasm. Incorporating sex toys, like vibrators, may counteract this effect by potentially boosting libido and promoting relaxation.

Rachel Brodsky highlighted in her article how sex toys helped her achieve orgasm while undergoing SNRI treatment for anxiety and depression, shedding light on their potential in aiding individuals facing similar challenges.

Strengthen Relationship Dynamics:

Incorporating sex toys into a relationship introduces a thrilling dimension, keeping excitement alive and bolstering emotional connections, particularly in long-term partnerships. They can be utilized to tease during foreplay, add extra stimulation during intercourse, or introduce new experiences altogether.

From an extensive array of vibrating, penetrating, teasing, music-synced, wearable, and Bluetooth-controlled toys, there's a multitude of options to invigorate intimacy in novel and exhilarating ways.

Combining toys for both partners or exploring accessories like edible lubricants, massage candles, light BDSM gear for adventurous play, or arousal gels can significantly elevate the bedroom experience.

Fostering Fantasies:

Sex toys and accessories found in adult stores encourage creativity and stimulate healthy fantasies within sexual and emotional relationships, the extent of which depends on each couple's imagination.

Various items, from light bondage wear for explorative experiences to role-play costumes or enticing lingerie for a sultry striptease, can inspire and amplify fantasy scenarios.

The release of the Fifty Shades trilogy brought items like whips, blindfolds, restraints, and handcuffs into popular culture, prompting a surge in experimentation. This cultural shift notably increased sales at online sex shops in Australia by 30% following the film's Valentine's Day release in 2015.

Fantasy exists solely in the realm of imagination, allowing couples to explore their boldest desires through toys and role-playing. For instance, using a vibrator to simulate a third person can fulfill the fantasy of a couple desiring a threesome.

Openly sharing fantasies nurtures intimacy, enabling partners to explore each other's deepest, most intimate, and erotic desires, ultimately strengthening the bond between them.

Breaking Sexual Monotony:

Introducing novelty into your sexual routine ignites excitement and revitalizes interest between partners, nurturing a more vibrant and enduring relationship. By diversifying sexual experiences, intimacy and complicity within the relationship flourish.

For instance, couples can infuse playfulness by incorporating a remote-controlled or Bluetooth-enabled toy during a dinner date. Brands like We-Vibe specialize in designing vibrators that can be controlled via an app, allowing partners to discreetly stimulate each other.

Granting control over one's pleasure to the other encourages role-playing scenarios of domination and submission, even from a distance. This teasing game adds an element of unpredictability, fueling desire and fostering a rush of excitement to return home and continue the intimate play.

Heightened Orgasmic Experience:

Sex shops offer accessories designed to heighten sensitivity in the genital area, intensifying orgasms.

Arousal gels and creams, equipped with vasodilating properties, enhance blood flow to specific erogenous zones, mimicking natural arousal. Studies, such as one conducted at the New England Research Institutes, found that a significant majority of women reported increased sensitivity (78%) and improved sexual experiences (over 90%) after using arousal gels.

For women who find it challenging to climax during penetrative sex, clitoral stimulation is vital. While manual stimulation is effective, incorporating a vibrator or a potent wand massager can significantly elevate the likelihood of achieving intense orgasms.

Emphasizing Sexual Health:

The burgeoning sex toys market not only witnesses continuous growth but also focuses on innovation, offering enticing products that prioritize our sexual well-being.

Renowned brands craft toys using high-quality materials, showcasing a commitment to providing safe and reliable products. Some toys even incorporate nourishing and moisturizing properties, prioritizing sexual health alongside pleasure.

Sex shops offer tools designed for Kegel exercises, beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor. These exercises not only enhance women's orgasm potential but also aid in preventing urinary incontinence and offer additional health benefits.

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction can also benefit from such exercises, improving erection quality and ejaculatory control.

Interestingly, sex therapists often employ these exercises using sex toys as part of at-home techniques, showcasing their therapeutic utility and effectiveness.

These are just a few among numerous benefits of using sex toys, either individually or with a partner. However, it's crucial to prioritize quality, ensuring toys are made of 100% body-safe materials and maintain proper hygiene.

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