Foreplay ignites the spark of your sensual journey

Foreplay ignites the spark of your sensual journey

Foreplay is an act that makes both parties feel pleasure and comfort, an act that can increase excitement and promote sexual arousal. Foreplay is an important part of sexual behavior and it affects sex to a great extent, especially for women.

What is foreplay?

Foreplay includes a lot of content, such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, touching, teasing, and a series of things that don't involve penetration, but feel good. It can help our bodies get into better shape and increase intimacy.

Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay can produce natural lubrication in the vagina and help us become sexually aroused faster. Since the time required for orgasm is different between men and women, longer foreplay can shorten the orgasm gap between the two sexes and provide a more pleasurable sexual experience. Foreplay can increase circulation, allowing more blood to flow to the genital area, increasing sensitivity and increasing sexual desire. Foreplay can also make each other's bodies more intimate and bring them closer together.

Foreplay leads to better orgasms

Research has proven that foreplay can lead to better orgasms. And the longer the foreplay and the longer the preparation, the better the orgasm will be. So why not give it a try?

Here are some ideas for better foreplay:

1. Kisses and Hugs

Kissing your partner can increase excitement and pleasure. Don't limit kissing to the lips. You can use your lips to explore your partner's body, discover your partner's excitement and sensitive points, and observe your partner's expressions and reactions to better understand your partner. Body. Hugging your partner can increase intimacy and strengthen your spiritual connection.

2. Erotic Massage

Give each other an erotic massage, touch and tease your partner's body, explore your partner's sensitive areas, and experience the feeling of your hands roaming around your partner's body. Is there anything sexier than this? You can add some atmosphere to the erotic massage, such as lighting scented candles, dimming the lights and adding ambient lights, playing sexy music, scented massage oil, and choosing a comfortable and relaxing environment to better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the erotic massage, rub the lubricant with your hands and apply it on your partner's body to tease him and bring you a relaxing feeling and experience.

3. Take a bath together

Taking a bath together and massaging each other's backs is a great way to increase intimacy. Taking a bath together can not only clean the body better, but also increase sexual excitement and tension, arouse each other's emotions, and help the body enter the state faster.

4. Sexting

Sexting can be a great way to flirt, but don't limit it. Teasing your partner can be done before you start, or even remotely. You can send erotic and provocative words or sexy photos of yourself, etc., to make each other full of anticipation and tension before starting.

5. Sexy games

Before you start, include sexy games like sexy card games, board games. It can increase excitement and stimulation, making foreplay more entertaining and interesting.

6. Explore sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are a relatively private matter, and it may be difficult to share them with your partner at first. But the process of exploring sexual fantasies is a very exciting and stimulating thing, improving sexual experience and better exploring sexual life later. So talking to your partner boldly and making sure they agree is key.

7. Use sex toys

As we all know, there are many different types of sex toys with different functions for stimulation and sensation, so why not try incorporating them into your foreplay? Sex toys can bring more variety of stimulation and can help with sexual arousal and orgasm. Don’t worry that they will replace you or your partner. Sex toys will make sex more interesting and exciting, provide a more diverse experience, and can also narrow the orgasm gap between the sexes.

This rose toy is recommended to you. Not only does it have a beautiful and cute rose design, it is concealable, and it is also very suitable as a gift. Not only that, it also has powerful functions, with dual functions of vibration and sucking, bringing a stronger and more pleasurable feeling, and can also be played well in the shower.

8. Striptease

Dance a sexy dance for your partner, bringing intense visual experience and enjoyment. Choose a sexy outfit and put on a show for your partner. This can go a long way in boosting excitement and igniting mutual desire.

9. Sensory play

Try adding sensory play to your sex life. Sensory play is to deprive yourself of one feeling to enhance other sensory feelings to experience more intense excitement and stimulation. If you are new to this, you can start with simple ones, such as blindfolding, spanking, temperature games, etc., to increase excitement and freshness. Of course, the most important thing before you start trying is to communicate with your partner and make sure they agree.

10. Role play

Exploring role-playing can add spice and excitement to foreplay, as long as you communicate with your partner to make sure they are interested. Common role-playing ideas include teachers and students, doctors and patients, bosses and employees, models and photographers, etc. Or create your own storyline. You can purchase relevant props and costumes and arrange the scene to create a more immersive atmosphere and boldness. Use your imagination to create a better experience.

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