How to celebrate International Masturbation Month?

How to celebrate International Masturbation Month?

The entire month of May is International Masturbation Month. For a better celebration, embrace your own joy. Here we’ll discuss why masturbation should be celebrated, what benefits it brings to us and 5 ways to celebrate it.

Why celebrate masturbation?

Masturbation can not only bring us physical health, but also allow us to maintain a positive attitude towards sex, enhance sexual confidence, break some prejudices and embarrassments about sex, improve our understanding of masturbation and sexual health, and make us better Talk about sex.

Masturbation is currently the safest sexual behavior and does not lead to the spread of disease and pregnancy. And to better understand your body, what kind of behaviors you like, and how to make yourself feel happy and orgasmic, isn't this a wonderful gift? So, masturbation is a great thing to celebrate.

Benefits of Orgasm?

1. Improve blood circulation

During masturbation, blood flow to the genital area is accelerated, making the genital area congested and more sensitive.

2. Relieve pain

During the masturbation process, dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, etc. are released, which can help relieve pain to a certain extent.

3. Improve sleep

The process of masturbating will produce the release of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin, which will make us sleepy and help us fall asleep better and have better sleep quality. This is why many people choose to do it before going to bed. Reasons to masturbate, if you want better sleep quality, why not give it a try?

4. Reduce stress and anxiety

Masturbation releases oxytocin, a natural antidepressant. It can improve our mood and allow us to temporarily put aside our current worries and stress.

5. Prevent disease

Masturbation is also a form of exercise. Studies have shown that masturbation can reduce the probability of prostate cancer in men. Of course, masturbation is also good for women. Masturbation can reduce the risk of cervical infections and urinary tract infections in women.

And masturbation can exercise your pelvic floor muscles, making your pelvic floor muscles stronger. During masturbation, the pelvic floor muscles will involuntarily contract. Like other muscles, they will become stronger when you use them. This will bring us a benefit. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger the sexual desire will be, and the more intense sex can be felt.

5 ways to celebrate masturbation

Enjoying your own happiness is nothing to be ashamed of. Here are a few ways you can try. I hope it can give you new inspiration and ideas.

1. Try new activities

Try new activities to add a new twist to your masturbation routine. You can join BDSM bondage,

2. New scenes and poses

If you are used to familiar positions and environments when masturbating, it is better to try new scenes and new masturbation positions. Don't underestimate this, just a small change can bring new excitement and interest to your sex life. Imagine masturbating in your home, anywhere you like, in any position you want. You can even choose some outdoor scenes, but you must protect your own safety and privacy.

3. Add lubricating oil

Lubricating oil can give you better sensation and stimulation, increasing comfort. Lubricant is not only needed for sexual intercourse, but also for masturbation. If you are a newbie and don’t know what type of lubricant to choose, I recommend water-based lubricant to you. It is not only suitable for most situations, but will not react with silicone sex toys, latex condoms, etc., and is more suitable For sensitive skin.

4. Watch pornography

Watching pornographic works can not only arouse your sexual desire, but also bring you a strong visual or auditory impact, allowing you to be more immersed in the atmosphere and enjoy and experience pleasure better. At the same time, pornographic works can also bring new inspiration and creativity, allowing you to better understand your preferences.

5. New sex toys

Want to buy a new sex toy? Not only to celebrate May as Masturbation Month, but also to embrace your own desires and enjoy it for the rest of your life’s happiness and joy. Next, I will introduce several popular sex toys for you to choose from.

This rose vibrator toy not only has a beautiful rose appearance, but is also concealable. At the same time, it has a very powerful function, dual stimulation of vibration and sucking, giving you a feeling like oral sex. IPX7 waterproof, you can take it into the bathroom and play with it while bathing.


This rose toy can satisfy both internal and external stimulation. It brings more intense sensations and promotes the feeling of mixed climax. It has 10 vibration modes and is made of medical-grade silicone, which is very safe for the body.



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