How to clean your rose toys?

How to clean your rose toys?

Rose toys, the cleaning of rose toys is very important, not only related to your health, but also related to the service life of rose toys. So do you know how to clean it properly? Next we are going to discuss how to properly clean rose toys and how often should they be cleaned?

How to properly clean rose toys?

1. Use mild soap or toy cleaner

Since the rose toy is electric, you cannot boil it in water. Rose toys should be deeply cleaned with mild, non-irritating soap or a specialized toy cleaner. Avoid using scented soaps or soaps, which can disrupt the pH balance and increase the risk of infection.

Especially rose petals have many wrinkles and can easily trap dirt and evil. We can use cotton swabs to clean small places or hard-to-reach places.

2. Dry with a clean cloth or towel

If you have finished cleaning the rose toy, please use a clean soft towel or cotton cloth to wipe the rose toy clean. Remember to avoid scrubbing the rose toys vigorously and roughly during this process, as this may cause damage to the appearance. After cleaning, place the rose toys in a clean, ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Things to note when cleaning rose toys


Clean rose toys before and after use

Use toy cleaner or mild, unscented soap

Dry the rose toy with a clean towel after cleaning

Do not store rose toys until they are completely dry

Do not place rose toys under extreme temperature conditions, such as radiators, heat sources, refrigerator freezers, using hair dryers, etc.

Store rose toys separately and do not mix them with other toys. This goes for all sex toys, store each sex toy in its own storage bag.

How often should I clean my rose toys?

Rose toys should be carefully cleaned before and after use. As for the specific time, it depends on the frequency of use.

If the rose toy will not be used for a long time, make sure the rose toy is clean and dry, put it in a bag or box, and store it away from light.

What should I do if I forget to clean it?

If you are too tired after sex and forget to clean the rose toy, the bacteria remaining on the toy will multiply rapidly, which will not only affect our health, but also damage the service life of the toy.

Using unclean toys can lead to bacterial and inflammatory infections, causing discomfort, irritation and other symptoms in your genital area. If things go on like this, it can endanger your health. So it’s important to clean your sex toys properly before and after each use.

If you are too sleepy after sex, you can put toy cleaning wipes and detergent on the bedside before starting to use the rose toy. After use, use toy cleaning wipes and detergent to wipe away the body fluids and lubricants on the toy. Take it off and give the toy a simple cleaning. After resting, give the rose toy a deep clean.

Can it be cleaned using a dishwasher or UV light?

The answer is no. Rose toys are electric and have built-in batteries. They cannot be cleaned by dishwashers or boiling water. This will damage the rose toy.

Ultraviolet rays can only disinfect rose toys and cannot replace daily cleaning. Because although ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, they cannot remove dust and other substances. Therefore, it is most appropriate to clean rose toys with water and unscented soap before and after using them. Of course, you can use ultraviolet light to disinfect rose toys.

How do I store my rose toy?

If you will not use the rose toy for a long time, remember to clean the rose toy carefully. Make sure that the rose toy is completely dry, and remember to put the rose toy into a dust bag. Avoid extreme temperatures and choose a dark, dry environment to store rose toys.

Final thoughts

Properly cleaning rose toys can not only ensure physical health, but also extend the service life of rose toys. It is recommended to clean rose toys with water and mild soap before and after each use. After ensuring that the rose toys are completely dry, choose a ventilated, dry environment that avoids extreme temperatures, and store the rose toys correctly.

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