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How to Create a more Intimate Sexual Relationship with Your Partner?

Sexual intimacy is important in a romantic relationship, so it's important to understand it and how to increase it.

What is sexual intimacy?

So having said that, what is sexual intimacy? Sexual intimacy is a connection between partners, an emotion between partners. Sexual intimacy can build a better emotional connection and have a better sexual experience. It is also a good foundation for this relationship

The benefits of sexual intimacy?

So what are the benefits of sexual intimacy? Sexual intimacy has the following 4 benefits:

1. Cultivate emotional intimacy

Cultivating sexual intimacy can deepen feelings for each other and can bring closer relationships and connections and trust. Let each other go further. You can also lay the foundation for subsequent sexual contact through daily holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc. This is also a simple way to cultivate intimate relationships on a daily basis.

2. Rekindling Chemistry

Cultivating sexual intimacy can rekindle each other's desire, increase sexual desire, and make sexual relationships more harmonious. It is also a good opportunity to enhance each other's feelings.

3. Sex life is more satisfying

Cultivating sexual intimacy can also make each other's sex life more harmonious, and you can better understand each other's sexual boundaries, preferences, sexual fantasies, etc. Understanding these will be of great help to your sex life, and you can understand each other better and be bold. Experimenting can lay the foundation for a better sex life.

4. Improve sleep

Sexual intimacy can also improve sleep. After all, sexual intimacy can make your sex life more harmonious. A more harmonious sex life can bring higher quality sleep and improve sleep.

How to become more sexually intimate with your partner?

So how do you cultivate sexual intimacy with your partner in your daily life? Here are a few ways you can try

1. Discuss each other’s boundaries and desires openly

Express your needs openly and honestly to the other party, as well as clear boundaries, what you like or don't like. It's a good idea to make a yes, no, maybe list if you can. Although, if this is your first time or you are shy about discussing this topic with your partner, then this list will come in handy to express your needs on paper without being so awkward. But don’t worry too much. This is a normal behavior. Expressing your needs to your partner is also for a better sexual experience in the future, so go ahead and act boldly!

2. Listen more and respond to your partner’s needs

Listening to your partner's needs and respecting their boundaries are also important factors in sexual intimacy. Especially if you're having sex, watch your partner's reactions and any expressions of discomfort. And you should stop the current behavior immediately, and comfort and ask your partner. Respecting your partner's boundaries is the basis for cultivating mutual intimacy.

3. Cultivate intimacy

While cultivating sexual intimacy, it can also enhance mutual intimacy and increase the emotional connection between two people.

4. Try new activities and postures

In romantic relationships, try new activities such as BDSM and sexual fantasies. You can also make a list of things you are interested in and try them one by one, which can add new exciting adventures and freshness to the relationship. Why not try taking sex somewhere other than the bed? You can try new places and new positions, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, in the car, or in the living room. Of course, you can also try new sexual positions that you want to try, such as cowgirl, doggy style, 69, etc.

5. Arrange sex life

Do you think sex is spontaneous and feel bad about scheduling it? But sometimes this is not the case. Arranging sex life is very important. Regular sex life can keep the frequency of sex in a regular state. So try to schedule your sex life on your calendar. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises waiting for you.

6. Use sex toys

With the development of the sex toy industry, we have more and more sex toys to choose from. Whether it is clitoral vibrators, rabbit toys, sex dolls, anal plugs, etc., you can try it and choose the one you like. , there are also many materials for you to choose from, such as silicone, stainless steel, glass, etc. Of course, you can also use them in combination to add new excitement and adventure to your sex life and improve the quality of your sex life.

7. Pornographic readings

Porn is a great libido stimulant, and you can share your preferences and plots. Explore each other’s preferences and even explore porn scenes later in your sex life. Add excitement to your sex life and cultivate sexual intimacy.

8. Sexting

Sexting can increase sexual arousal and tension in everyday life. Keep each other excited for a long time. Sending sexy text messages can also be a great way to get closer to each other. Even if you are in a different place, you can connect well with each other, ignite sexual desire, and increase mutual sexual intimacy.

Final thoughts

Sexual intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship. Sexual intimacy has a great impact on the cultivation of relationships and the pleasure of sex. Cultivate sexual intimacy and rekindle each other's sexual chemistry. There are many ways to cultivate intimacy in daily life. It's important to be aware of the importance of sexual intimacy and to make a point of cultivating it with each other in your daily life.

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