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How to get the sex of your dreams fast

Want great sex faster? Not only long-lasting sex or sex prepared in advance can make people feel beautiful, spontaneous and sudden fast sex can also give people a feeling of excitement and adventure. Today we will discuss, what is fast sex and what are the benefits of fast sex? So how should we get a quick but ideal sex experience?

What is a quickie?

If your life schedule is very tight, or you feel tired today and are not suitable for a long battle, then you can have quick sex. What is the definition of quick sex? It usually refers to mutual consent and quick sex. , spontaneous sexual behavior. Moreover, quick sex usually occurs when both parties are still wearing most of their clothes, so we can let these clothes play their role. Wearing dresses, suspenders, thongs, high heels, etc. can ignite the passion for quick sex. , high heels can also provide support for certain movements and achieve orgasm faster.

Quick sex does not necessarily mean penetration. Determine the purpose and intention of sex and get a better sex experience. You can satisfy your partner by teasing, touching, kissing, oral sex, etc. to get the pleasure of sex. Quick sex is a great thing The thing itself is an act full of excitement and adventure.

What are the benefits of having quick sex?

1. Reduce stress

Fast sex is a way to reduce the pressure and anxiety of performing perfectly in sex. Pay more attention to how to quickly pleasure your partner within a period of time, which can reduce anxiety about your own performance. During fast sex, you can be more bold and confident. Take action without feeling a lot of pressure.

2. Better sleep

During sex, the release of endorphins, oxytocin, prolactin and other hormones can effectively improve the quality of sleep and help us fall asleep better. Having a stimulating quick sex before going to bed can improve our sleep quality. This is no better than having sex. A glass of warm milk is even more pleasurable, so why not give it a try?

3. More exciting and adventurous

If you have been in a scheduled sex life for a long time, then sex will lack some spontaneity, excitement and adventure. Want to inject new spice into your life? Try some quick sex! Rekindle your sex life, unleash your libido and create stimulating sex memories.

How to have quick sex?

1. Tease your partner

During fast sex, teasing your partner is also a very important thing. Don't ignore that it can bring interest and pleasure to each other. Tease your partner. It can be touching, kissing, or even oral sex. Enjoy it in the process. The process of teasing your partner.

2. Use lubricant

In fast sex, it is important to use lubricant. It can reduce the insufficient lubrication caused by insufficient preparation for foreplay during fast sex, and can reduce friction and discomfort during sex. Ignite passion and increase pleasure for quick sex.

3. Sexting

Not only does sexting bring you closer together, it can also increase your sexual intimacy. You may feel awkward at first, but don't worry too much, this is normal. So use your imagination and go for it! At the beginning, you send something you want to try, or what you like the other person to do during sex. You can also send photos of you wearing sexy underwear, etc. But before sending, make sure the other person is in a suitable place. time and place.


You can quickly ignite sexual desire through fantasy. You can fantasize about what each other will do and what your partner will do to you. Or watch pornographic movies, pornographic books, or listen to pornographic audio, etc., to help you have better fantasies. Even just for a few minutes, it can ignite your sexual desire and maintain a state of sexual excitement.

5. Use sex toys

Today, we have a wide variety of sex toys to choose from, from colors and materials to sizes. We can all find something that suits our needs. It's also a simple and effective way to have sex quickly, whether you're single or in a relationship. Those with a partner can use sex toys as a tool to assist foreplay. Of course, they can also be used in conjunction with other sex toys to achieve a faster and more intense sexual experience.

6. Choose the right location

It is important to choose a suitable place to have quick sex. It can be in the bathroom, in the car, on the sofa, in the kitchen in the morning, or on the terrace at night. Choose a quiet place to avoid being discovered and stay away from regular sex. Location: Bed, create a sense of atmosphere and get a more exciting and adventurous sex experience.

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