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How to have a better sex life

How important is a good sex life?

Are you feeling boring and boring in your sex life recently? Do you want to try new methods to spice up your sex life? Bring new experiences and extraordinary feelings to your sex life. Even if you are already satisfied with your current sex life, there is always room for improvement.

How important is a good sex life?

A good sex life can bring us many benefits, such as relieving stress, improving sleep, reducing body pain, lowering blood pressure, and many other health benefits. A regular and healthy sex life can also enhance the relationship between partners, enhance mutual intimacy, strengthen self-confidence, etc.

But the importance of sex is different for every couple. Don’t worry too much about outside standards and focus on how you and your partner feel. If you and your partner have different opinions on the frequency of sex. Communicate openly and promptly, tell your true thoughts, and what you want the other party to do. Come and reconcile the differences between two people and get a better sex life experience.

1. Build emotional intimacy

Build intimacy with your partner. The deeper the intimacy with your partner, the better your sex life will be. In addition to daily physical contact and intimate behaviors that can increase mutual intimacy, have in-depth communication with your partner and ask each other a few questions to deepen each other's understanding. You can also ask "What do you think of our sex life?" Only by understanding each other's feelings and having a better understanding of the problems in sexual life can we better prescribe the right medicine.

2. Create a sexy space

Creating a sensual space not only adds interest, but also ignites sexual desire. Add fresh and beautiful flowers in vases to add interest to the room. Add some sexy scented candles and brightly colored mood lights in the bedroom.

3. Cultivate sexual fantasies

You can watch porn together and share each other's sexual fantasies. You may feel ashamed at first, but by sharing each other's sexual fantasies, you can better understand each other's preferences and future practice directions. You can also discuss the types of porn you like, what kind of actions, scenes or role plays you like, etc.

4. Schedule an appointment

Arrange a romantic date to bring some new freshness and surprise to your life. Experience something you have never tried before, such as a new restaurant, a new city, a new scenery, a new activity, etc., and prepare a small gift for each other.

5. Use lubrication

During sex, using some lubrication can make sex more exciting and fun. Use lube to make sex faster and reduce friction and increase comfort. It is also a must-have for car sex, providing lubrication and increasing comfort for those who need to resolve the battle quickly. If you don't know what lubricant to choose, my suggestion is a water-based lubricant, a lubricant that is suitable for most situations.

6. Sex toys

Sex toys are a very worthwhile investment and come in many varieties and functions. There are many sizes, colors and materials for you to choose from. It can be used as a tool to assist foreplay, allowing you to better obtain sexual arousal. You can also use it when you are alone.

You can also add more stimulation and get a mixed orgasm experience during sex.

7. Extend foreplay

Prolonged foreplay can provide a good sexual experience, and most women's sexual pleasure lies in foreplay. Therefore, extending foreplay is very important. We must broaden or break the definition of "foreplay". Foreplay is also sex, and we must take it seriously. During this process, slowly explore your partner's body and sensitive areas, and kiss every inch of your partner's skin.

8. Arrange sex life

Don’t be repelled by arranging sex life. Arranging sex life can not only make our sex frequency more healthy, but also help us maintain a good sex life. And arranging sex life can keep us sexually excited and nervous for a period of time.

It can also make us better prepared and eliminate the interference of other things on sex.

9. Do something new

Doing new things releases dopamine, which makes us feel happy. You can try choosing some new positions, new sexual environments or new scents or styles. Or try new activities such as role-playing, spanking, and exploring your partner's sexual fantasies.

10. Talk dirty

Talking dirty can enhance our sexual experience and increase the excitement during sex. It doesn't have to start in the bedroom. You can tell your crazy, sexy thoughts in your partner's ear in the living room before sex begins. Observe your partner's expression and describe how you feel. Moan when you feel pleasure, talk dirty to your partner, and describe how you feel. Talking dirty can make your sex more exciting and adventurous.

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