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Rose Toys Review:Viral TIKTOK sex toys, are they really that good?

In a world where social media continues to go viral, one particular sex toy has swept the internet - the Rose sex toy. This seemingly random but very popular toy appeared in 2022 and has generated countless discussions and comments. Rose sex toys created a unique category. Although I was initially skeptical, its affordability and widespread praise from users piqued my interest. So I decided to try it out for myself to see if it worked as well as rumored or if it was just marketing fluff. I'll share my thoughts on Rose Toys and judge whether it's really worth it.

What is Rose Toys?

Obviously, the Rose Toy has the delicate look of a rose and is a clitoral stimulator.

Typically, clitoral stimulators use a vibrator to create a gentle buzzing effect in the area and offer a variety of power settings to suit individual preferences. Some may prefer a soft, delicate touch, while others may seek a more intense experience. The Rose Toy deviates from the norm with a suction clitoral vibe. It provides stimulation through a suction sensation that is reminiscent of oral pleasure, though not exactly the same feeling. Let's delve into what makes the Rose erotic toy unique!

Unique Features of the Rose Toy

Upon opening the package of the Rose Sex Toy, my initial impression was very positive. The toy exudes undeniable appeal, and while I usually avoid using the word "cute," it aptly describes the beauty here. Its beautiful design and silky silicone texture add to its charm, creating an atmosphere that resonates almost immediately.

However a sex toy should not be judged on its effectiveness, based on looks alone. Let's take an in-depth look at the main features of the Rose toy

1.10 different suction modes: Versatility is crucial for a sex toy, and the Rose Toy offers a range of vibration patterns and speeds. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, there's likely to be a setting that suits your preferences.

2. Submersible Design: This is an essential feature for those who like to incorporate toys into their water activities. The Rose toy can be fully submerged in the water, allowing you to enjoy it in the bath with confidence.

3. Approximate run time of 65 minutes: While official information indicates a run time of 90 minutes, personal experience indicates a run time of approximately 65 minutes on a full charge. While this is more than enough time for a satisfying experience, it is important to remember to recharge the unit after each use.

4. USB Charging: USB charging is both convenient and efficient. And the Rose Vibrator comes with a charging dock for an even easier and faster charging experience.

Red Rose Suction Playthings


My Experience

Rose sex toys make a very positive first impression, with their impeccably feminine, sexy, and stylish appearance. When starting out I used a lot of lube, and despite the limited time available, exploration of its settings revealed a surprising intensity of vibration even in the lower modes.

The suction feature delivers satisfying rumbling vibrations, creating a pleasurable experience while stimulating the clitoris. Gradually increasing the intensity is proven to be effective, leading to intense and satisfying orgasms. It’s worth noting that rose toys do an excellent job of enhancing the sexual intercourse experience.

Suction vibrations provide an excellent option when oral pleasure is desired but a partner is not available or unwilling. Whether you're indulging in self-love or looking for fun, these toys offer a unique experience. Adding lube enhances the sensation, which is very similar to the moist feel of real oral contact. Suction vibrators, including the Viral Rose Vibrator, are compact and travel-friendly, easily slipping into your carry-on and conveniently charged via USB. While suction vibrations aren't a new concept, the viral popularity of rose vibrations is certainly justified.

All in all, the rose sex toy lives up to its reputation, providing a pleasurable and intensely stimulating experience.


Advantages and disadvantages of rose toys

Key Benefits of Rose Sex Toys:

DISCRETE SIZE AND DESIGN: The rose toy's petite size and low-profile design make it easy to carry and discreet, making it easy to keep at home or take out.

POWERFUL VIBRATIONS: Despite its small size and affordable price, the Rose Toy's vibrations are surprisingly powerful, especially on higher settings.

RUMBLE SUCTION-STYLE STIMULATION: The rose toy provides unique vacuum-style stimulation that gives a unique feeling.

Submersible: This toy has the ability to handle water and is suitable for use in the bath or shower, adding fun to daily activities.

VERSATILITY FOR OTHER BODY PARTS: Rose toys can provide arousal to a variety of erogenous areas such as nipples, thighs, and earlobes.

BODY-SAFE CONSTRUCTION: The rose toy is made from medical-grade silicone and is latex- and phthalate-free to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Affordable Price: At under $40, Rose Toy is a great value compared to other options on the market.

Great starter toy: Due to their functionality, discreetness and affordability, Rose toys are ideal for those new to the world of sex toys.


While rose sex toys have many advantages, there are some disadvantages that you must consider before purchasing:

Cleaning Challenges: Due to its rose-shaped design, the cleaning process can be a bit cumbersome as it can easily accumulate underneath the "leaves". However, given its small size, managing the cleaning process is still feasible.

Moderate Noise Level: Although not too loud, the Rose Toy can still be heard, especially in more intense environments. Users looking for a quieter experience may find alternatives with lower noise levels.

Limited run time: The toy can be used for approximately an hour on a full charge. While it's usually sufficient for one or two uses, users who may forget to charge it regularly may find the limited run time slightly inconvenient.

But nothing is perfect, right? And these shortcomings cannot overshadow the glory of Rose Toy!

Overall Evaluation

All in all, the Rose Sex Toy proves its worth, offering a great experience for under $40 with few observable flaws. Its beginner-friendly design makes it stand out among sex toys and even makes it a suitable gift option. While slightly quieter operation would be appreciated, it doesn't detract from the overall appeal. What I took away from this experience was the realization that super popular items often earn their status for good reasons. I’d love to discover the next sex toy that TikTok embraces with passion.

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