Secrets to enhance pleasure

Secrets to enhance pleasure

Are you feeling bored and uninterested in your recent sex life and want some new fun and techniques, but don’t want to make it too complicated? Want better sex and sexual experiences? Today we will talk about how to increase sexual pleasure through some simple ways.

How to increase pleasure?

1. Change the angle of the pillow

Do you think this is just a myth? It's not. Placing a pillow under your partner's buttocks can change the angle of your partner's vagina, which can better stimulate the G-spot and penetrate deeper, giving your partner a new stimulation and feeling. Not only that, placing a pillow on your partner's buttocks can also make the experience more enjoyable. People with pelvic, hip and back pain will experience greater comfort. And this technique doesn’t just apply to missionary, using pillows can be helpful in many sex positions. For example, cowgirl, placing a pillow under the giver's buttocks can provide a better and more comfortable experience for the receiver.

2. Erotic Massage

Giving your partner an erotic massage is a great way to enhance your pleasure. After all, is there anything sexier than looking at your naked partner and using your hands to explore and tease her?

Erotic massage refers to using your hands or other means to stimulate your partner's feelings so that she can experience comfort and relaxation. At the same time, erotic massage is a good way to enhance feelings. It can also be used as foreplay to awaken each other's bodies. It can also relieve pain and release stress. It is also a way to express care and affection to your partner.

Massage oil is an important part of an erotic massage. It can make each other feel more comfortable, increase pleasure, reduce friction and prevent body hair from being pulled in the process. You can also choose scented massage oil, which can provide a better olfactory sensory experience and allow us to be more immersed in the romantic and relaxing atmosphere of the massage. If not, you can try coconut oil. It cannot be used as lubricant.

3. Try temperature games with ice

Try temperature games with ice cubes. When you think of ice cube games, summer comes to mind. You can imagine how well ice cube games fit into summer.

And ice cubes are very easy to obtain. You can gently slide the ice cubes on your partner's skin and over your partner's sensitive areas. Feeling the slight trembling of your partner. You can also put ice cubes in your mouth, kiss your partner, and feel the ice cubes swimming between your lips and teeth.

4. Try cuffs with a tie

I want to try cuff games or blindfolding, but I lack the corresponding props. Don’t worry, the supplies in our daily life can also achieve good results through clever application. For example, ties, scarves, etc. can be used to tie a partner's hands together, tie them to the bed, and blindfold their eyes to enhance the feeling. This can bring new excitement to your sex life and experience the excitement of power dynamics.

5. Abdominal compression

The abdominal press technique can be seen everywhere on social media, and many people even praise it. So does it really live up to its name? How do we try? The abdominal compression technique involves applying pressure to the lower abdomen during sexual intercourse. You can try moving the pressure and changing the intensity, watching your partner's reaction in the process to find the position and intensity that makes her feel pleasure. Abdominal compression can give sexual intercourse a better stimulation feeling and enhance the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

6. Foods that increase sexual desire

In daily life, while ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet, we can also eat some foods that increase sexual desire, such as: oysters, red beans, pine nuts, peppers, ginseng, ginkgo leaves, etc. Although eating these foods will not immediately make you full of sexual desire. But it can improve blood flow and improve stamina to prepare you for sex.

7. Sex toys

Sex toys are a great investment not only for solo use but also for fun with a partner. As a foreplay tool, it allows the body to have better sexual arousal.

Using sex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap and make both of you feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy.

Of course, using vibrators is not only good for health and allows us to better understand our own preferences, but vibrators also have different types and functions. You can try a few more to find your favorite. You can also use them in combination to get better results. Stimulates a more intense orgasm experience.

Final thoughts

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination and create your own happiness. I believe this article has given you new inspiration. Please make sure you agree and feel free to try it!

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