Sex Doll Maintenance Guide

Sex Doll Maintenance Guide

Sex dolls are expensive sex toys. They need to be well maintained in daily life so that they can be better preserved and stay with us longer. So how do you clean and care for your sex doll? And what should we pay attention to? 

How to care for sex dolls?


If there is dust on the surface of the doll, simply clean it with water and mild soap, or use a specialized cleaner. During this process, be careful to avoid scratching the surface of the doll with your nails. After cleaning, use a clean towel to dry the doll's body.

If there is dirt on the surface of the doll, you can try pouring olive oil on a cotton pad and then wipe it gently to remove the stains on the surface of the doll.

2.Keep dry

It is very important to keep your doll dry after washing it. Because when the surface of the doll is wet, it is prone to tears and abrasions. You can wipe the surface of the doll with a clean towel, dry the doll well, and apply talcum powder on it.

3. Wig care

Doll wigs also need regular care and cleaning. It’s best to wash it twice a month. If your doll’s hair is dry, you can use conditioner to make it smooth and shiny.

4. Genital area cleaning

Just clean the outside with water and mild soap, and be careful about the wrinkles. Dampen a sponge with mild soap and water, and use medical forceps to assist with it for a better, deeper clean. Then use a clean sponge to clean and wipe the hole. If you want to make it easier, use vaginal cleanser and keep it dry after cleaning.

5. Clothes dyeing

The simplest way is to buy light-colored clothes and try to buy as few dark-colored clothes as possible. Washing dark-colored clothes several times before wearing them, and applying a little more talcum powder on the surface of the doll can greatly reduce the problem of dark-colored clothes staining.

6. Makeup problem

If you want to dress up or put on makeup for the doll, use ordinary cosmetics and remove makeup with cleansing oil or makeup remover. If you want to buy a new wig for the doll, you can find many on Amazon in various colors and Hair style wig.

What materials should be prepared to clean the doll?

The following are some common cleaning doll materials

  • Talcum powder
  • antibacterial mild soap
  • sponge
  • medical forceps
  • clean towels
  • vaginal cleanser

How often should I clean my doll?

The process of cleaning the doll is also a way to establish a connection with the doll, and can even add some sense of ritual. Clean important areas briefly after each use, and clean thoroughly in about two weeks. If you haven't used it for a long time, just clean it once a month.

How to store sex dolls?

Place the doll in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause damage to the doll's surface and cause uneven discoloration. There are many ways to store dolls, such as doll storage boxes, original packaging boxes, doll storage sofas, suitcases, hanging cabinets, etc. Make sure that the doll is cleaned and kept dry before storing it, otherwise it will damage the doll and reduce its service life.

Things to note

  1. Do not wear any tight-fitting clothes on the doll, as this is likely to cause permanent marks and indentations on the doll's skin. And increases the possibility of staining.
  2. When storing the doll, do not maintain normal relaxation and stress-free movements. Do not open the doll's hands or legs upwards. This will put a lot of pressure on the doll and cause the doll to be torn or damaged. So, while storing, maintain a neutral, stress-free position with your legs together and your arms by your sides.
  3. When cleaning the doll, try to avoid immersing the head or neck in water, which may cause the screws to rust.
  4. When swinging the doll's posture, do not choose difficult movements. Or excessive force may cause damage to the doll's joints or limbs.
  5. When storing the doll, avoid placing it with items containing ink, such as newspapers, magazines, etc., to avoid contaminating the doll.

Final thoughts

Cleaning and storing sex dolls is a very important part. Cleaning the doll can not only protect our health and safety, but also maintain the sex doll well and extend its service life. When cleaning the sex doll, be careful not to use too much force, or use sharp objects and nails to avoid scratching the skin surface of the doll. After cleaning, wipe it gently with a clean towel and let it dry. Keep the doll dry before storing it. Pay attention to relevant matters. Whether it is a normal-sized doll or a mini sex doll, you can refer to this article to make our dolls stay with us longer.

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