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Shower Sex, What You Need to Know?

At the end of a long day, imagine how exciting and comfortable it would be to sit in a steaming bathtub. Especially when passion and temptation are combined, of course, reality is often not as exaggerated as in film and television works. After all, we do not have the experience of reshooting again and again. Before we step into shower sex, we need to understand some skills and knowledge so that we can better enjoy this time and experience and avoid some hidden dangers and dangers.

Are you ready? Next, I will introduce 5 knowledge points that you need to know. This is very important. Understanding some basic knowledge before starting can allow us to better deal with emergencies.

1. Hot Water Will Not Kill Sperm

In people's common understanding, hot water can destroy sperm. But the fact is that sperm cannot survive outside the body for a long time. Sperm will die quickly in hot water, but if you ejaculate inside your partner, you can still get pregnant.

2. Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Unfortunately, hot showers do not reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and urinary tract infections. Therefore, you must maintain the same measures as in other circumstances to protect your own safety in order to have a pleasant sexual experience.

3. Condom Effectiveness Varies With Water

The good news is that condoms still work in water, but since condoms tend to slip in water, keeping condoms from slipping in water can be a challenge. If the water temperature is relatively high, condoms will become less durable, so my suggestion is to prepare a few more. And you should put it on before entering the water. It will be difficult to operate in the water, or you can also choose an internal condom.

4. Lubrication Is Important

Even in water, extra lubrication is crucial. The increased friction under water may also cause condoms to break or make sexual intercourse uncomfortable. So, lubrication is a way to help us have better shower sex.

5. Be Aware of The Possibility of Injury

It's important to admit that having sex in the shower, pool, or hot tub can come with risks. Using lubricants in these environments can cause additional slippage and increase the chance of injury. Without proper care, the vagina can become torn, irritated, or bruised by water. For added safety, the use of mats is recommended. Or, consider starting with steamy foreplay in the water and then transitioning to a safer environment, like bed, to finish.

Tips and Tricks:

Having sex in water requires taking some precautions. Consider these tips to maximize your intimate time. While this can be a fun experience, taking the appropriate steps can ensure a hilarious and safe encounter.

1. Choose Dual Shower Heads For Continuous Warmth:

Ensures continuous hot water during intimate moments, enhancing the experience. Invest in a double shower head to avoid any disturbance or discomfort caused by cold water. This way, both parties can stay warm and enjoy an uninterrupted pleasurable experience.

Sexy couple having sex in the bathroom


2. Choose a Silicone-based Lubricant for Water Activities:

Traditional lubricants may be sufficient in dry land, but in wet conditions, choose a silicone-based lubricant. These lubricants retain their effectiveness underwater, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable experience. However, be careful to avoid spilling onto the floor to prevent any slips or accidents during intimate moments. 

3. Use Essential Oils to Enhance The Atmosphere:

Adding a small amount of essential oils to your bath or hot tub can lift your mood and create a more enjoyable experience. Whether you want to relax or enjoy some intimate quality time, this simple trick can make for a heavenly experience. Use any essential oils you have to enhance your intimate moments.

4. Maximize Your Enjoyment With Jet Streams and Removable Shower Heads:

Whether you're in a hot tub, shower, or jacuzzi, there are ways to enhance your pleasure. Strategically utilize jets or removable shower heads in your hot tub to enhance the overall experience. Taking turns pleasing your partner or showing off yourself can add an extra layer of intimacy, bringing you closer to ultimate satisfaction.

5. Prioritize Hydration After Intimate Moments:

Engaging in underwater activities, especially in hot water, can be physically demanding, similar to strenuous aerobic exercise. Given the intensity of exercise, staying hydrated during and after exercise is crucial. Since hot water tends to dehydrate you quickly, keep a water bottle nearby to prevent the risk of fainting. Whether alone or with a partner, ensuring proper hydration is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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