What Is Sex Positivity

What Is Sex Positivity

Let’s talk about what sex and sex positivity are. In the past, sex was not mentioned. Due to the influence of society and religious culture, talking about sex was very shameful and a taboo topic. However, with the advancement of society, culture and technology, people have become more tolerant of sex and their sexual positivity has also increased. Today we’re going to talk about what sex positivity is, what are the benefits of being sex positive, how sex positivity affects people, and how we can stay sex positive.

Definition of sex positivity?

Sex positivity is a positive attitude toward sex that encompasses gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, safe sex, consensual sex, and reproductive rights.

What does sex positivity look like?

Accept and respect other people’s sexual orientation, do not criticize other people’s voluntary sexual behavior, understand sexual health knowledge, practice safe sex and take birth control measures, recognize and respect other people’s gender expression and gender identity. Know your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Learn about kinks and kinks and treat them with understanding and respect. Stay positive about sex and don't feel ashamed or dirty about masturbation.

How does sex positivity affect people?

Having a positive attitude toward sex not only brings you closer to each other. Reduce sexual anxiety, make you more sexually confident, and even improve sexual function. Sex positivity will allow us to view sex from a normal and healthy perspective, reduce anxiety and pressure about sex, and allow us to face it more calmly.

How to stay sex positive

1. Maintain communication with your partner

Communication is the foundation of everything, and the same is true in maintaining sex positivity. Only through communication can you better understand your partner and understand your partner's preferences, likes and dislikes. Communication is also the basis for exploring all new activities and ensuring that everyone has a great time. Sharing each other's sexual preferences is a way to increase sexual intimacy and trust, and can also increase sex positivity.

2. Start with masturbation and sex toys

Masturbation is a way to ensure your own pleasure. Understand what makes you feel happy, what kind of behaviors you like, and understand your favorite sex toys, etc. In the process of exploring yourself, you can better understand your likes and dislikes and what you can do with them. Your partner can better express what behaviors he likes and how he wants the other party to do it. Exploring sex toys can help you achieve more exciting and violent orgasms. Not only can you gain sexual pleasure, but you can also better understand how you can have more violent orgasms. Faster orgasms. And the combination and use of sex toys can also provide the pleasure of mixed orgasms.

3. Pay attention to safety

Pay attention to protective measures and contraceptive measures during sex. This is not only to ensure safety and health, but also to be responsible for your partner, so that you can enjoy sex better and more focused. Especially for sexual minorities, it is important to use safety measures and lubrication to avoid injury, bleeding, and infection. You can use condoms, dental dams, finger cots, and more to keep yourself and your partner safe.

4. Try new things

Try new things, sex is not just about penetration, we should broaden the definition of sex, try new sexual activities, add sex toys, costumes and props to sex, etc. Try activities and new things you like, such as BDSM, Role-play and explore sexual fantasies, etc. Use your imagination to add new spice to your sex life. Of course, you can also make a list of things that interest you. This is also to better explore your own preferences and your partner's preferences for preservation and memory. Another advantage of making a list is that it can keep each other in a state of sexual excitement and tension for a long time, making each other more motivated and interested in exploring sex.

5. Practice sex affirmations and meditation

Practicing meditation and sex affirmations can also be a great way to increase sex positivity. Meditation focuses on sex-positive thoughts, sexual confidence, and sexual feelings. It’s also a great way to reduce shame and improve self-confidence. You can affirm yourself in the process, both physically and mentally, and express sexual affirmation for yourself. For example, I'm happy with who I am, my body is attractive, I mean having fun and embracing my sexuality.

Final thoughts

Sex positivity has a positive impact on our sexual life and sexual experience. It can help us better understand and respect other people's sexual orientation, sexual identity and sexual expression, embrace our own desires, respect voluntary sex and ensure safe sex. , maintaining sexual positivity can lead to a better and healthier life, enjoy sex, and have a better sexual experience.

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