Why should you celebrate Masturbation Month?

Why should you celebrate Masturbation Month?

Masturbation Month was first proposed in May 1995 to promote and protect the right to masturbate. Although International Masturbation Day only lasts for one day, we celebrate it for a whole month, focusing on feeling our own pleasure and getting to know ourselves better.

Not only does masturbation bring us a lot of benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety, falling asleep better, increasing sexual confidence, and more. It’s good for our health, so why not give it a try?

What benefits can masturbation bring us?

1. It is very safe sex

Masturbation is a very safe sexual practice and there are no worries about sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Moreover, masturbation can ensure hygiene to a greater extent and allow you to enjoy the process better.

2. Helps sexual function and disease prevention

Masturbation is also a form of exercise. Studies have shown that masturbation can reduce the probability of prostate cancer in men. Of course, masturbation is also good for women. Masturbation can reduce the risk of cervical infections and urinary tract infections in women. Other studies have found that masturbation can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

And masturbation can exercise your pelvic floor muscles, making your pelvic floor muscles stronger. During masturbation, the pelvic floor muscles will involuntarily contract. Like other muscles, they will become stronger when you use them. This will bring us a benefit. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger the sexual desire will be, and the more intense sex can be felt.

3. It can make us feel happy

The most important thing is to make us feel happiness and joy. Masturbation produces dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and other hormones.

It is also a very effective way to relieve stress and anxiety because endorphins and other hormones can relieve stress. Focusing on the process of masturbating and temporarily forgetting other things can also be very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Masturbating improves your mood and makes you happier in the process.

4. Enhance sexual desire

Masturbation stimulates your body's desire, enhances your sexual desire, ignites the desire for sex and orgasm, and makes you feel good about sex.

In this way, the more you want to have good sex, the stronger your sexual desire will be.

5. Fall asleep better

The hormones released during masturbation can make us feel sleepy and fall asleep faster. Improve sleep at the same time and have higher sleep quality. This is why many people choose to masturbate before going to bed, which can improve their sleep. Of course, you can also add sex toys during masturbation, which will provide you with a more pleasurable experience while also freeing your hands. Why not give it a try?

6. Relieve pain

It can relieve pain. The release of endorphins, oxytocin, prolactin and other hormones produced during masturbation can relieve pain and cramps and make us feel happy. Women masturbating during their menstrual period can also relieve menstrual pain, but they must pay special attention to hygiene during this period to prevent the growth of bacteria and inflammation.

7. Better understand yourself and self-pleasure

The process of exploring yourself is a great opportunity for self-understanding. Knowing what kind of behaviors and methods you like can also help you feel happier. There is nothing wrong with becoming more aware of your own pleasure, and pleasing yourself can also enhance your sexual confidence.

How to have better masturbation?

Want to have a better masturbation experience? To have better feelings and orgasms, here are a few masturbation tips to give you a little inspiration and help.

1. Temperature Game

In the process of self-exploration, adding temperature games can make your masturbation experience even more wonderful.

You must be familiar with temperature games. Temperature games are mainly divided into two categories: candle games and ice cube games. You can also enjoy the ultimate experience of combining the two.

The most recommended for those new to the candle game are soy candles, which are low temperature, safe and not easy to burn. Before you begin, you can test the temperature on the back of your hand before applying drops to your partner's body. Be careful to avoid the head, genital area, hairy areas and avoid splashing in the eyes. Wax can be difficult to clean, so place disposable sheets on the bed before you begin.

Ice cube games, when it comes to ice cube games, summer comes to mind. You can imagine how well ice cube games fit into summer.

And ice cubes are very easy to obtain. You can gently slide the ice cubes on your partner's skin and over your partner's sensitive areas. Feeling the slight trembling of your partner. You can also put ice cubes in your mouth, kiss your partner, and feel the ice cubes swimming between your lips and teeth. Of course, you can also heat or cool your sex toys. Do not put sex toys directly in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. You can soak it in ice water, but remember to check the temperature on your hand before use.

2. Explore sexual fantasies

Exploring your sexual fantasies is a great way to feel sexually excited. If you are not sure about your sexual fantasies, you can also watch porn to discover and find your preferences and favorite types, which will help you discover yourself sexual fantasy.

3. Try sex toys

Nowadays, sex toys are becoming more and more common in people’s bedrooms, and there are many choices in terms of function, appearance and materials. Sex toys can add interest to our sex life. , there is no doubt that there is a better sexual experience. So if too many sex toy choices have dazzled you, I strongly recommend this rose toy to you and it is also the best-selling one. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a powerful function of vibrating and sucking dual stimulation, allowing you to experience The pleasurable feeling of oral sex.

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