Why should you try anal masturbation?

Why should you try anal masturbation?


What is anal masturbation?

Anal masturbation means stimulating the anus with fingers or sex toys to produce pleasure. Anal masturbation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, nor does it mean you are gay or perverted. There is no shame in pleasing yourself.

What are the benefits of anal masturbation?

1. Open up new avenues

The anus provides a new way to please yourself and feel pleasure. After all, the area around the anus is full of pleasant nerve endings. It is also a new way to explore self-pleasure. It can also provide some new angles and directions when having sex with your partner.

2. Change the angle of the vagina

If you are a vulva owner, using an anal plug will change the angle of the vagina, experience different stimulation and feelings, and also bring more possibilities for orgasm.

3. Bring about prostate orgasm

If you are a penis owner and want to try prostate orgasm, then using an anal toy will be a good choice. Remember to choose an anal toy with a base to avoid slipping in and being unable to take out. Prostate orgasms are deep, full-body orgasms that don't require you to have an erection. Don't be ashamed of prostate orgasms. Trying to have a prostate orgasm doesn't make you a gay man.

4. Experience a mixed orgasm

Regardless of your genitals, if you try a butt plug, you can give yourself more possibilities for orgasm and increase your odds of experiencing a mixed orgasm. Experience better orgasms and sexual satisfaction, so why not give it a try?

5. Understand yourself better

Trying to add anal plugs to masturbation or try anal play can allow us to better experience and feel self-pleasure and promote mixed orgasms. Understanding what makes us feel happier while breaking down some prejudices and shame allows us to better accept our bodies and improve our sexual confidence.

What should we pay attention to?

1. Lubrication

The anus does not produce its own lubrication like the vagina, so when exploring the anus, we need to use a lot of lubricant to make the experience of exploring the anus more pleasurable and avoid discomfort or even bleeding.


Pay extra attention to hygiene when exploring anal play, especially for people with vaginas, to avoid bringing bacteria from the anus to the vagina to cause bacterial infection and inflammation. Be sure to rinse the anus with clean water and soap before starting, and rinse the inside of the anus if you feel it is necessary.


Especially for novices, you must be patient when exploring the anus and relax your sphincter muscles through deep breathing exercises. Don't believe that big equals good. If you try it at the beginning, you will be easily injured. As a novice, you should slowly start with small sizes and practice step by step, and then try larger sizes of anal plugs or dildos.

What are the steps for anal masturbation?

1. Cleaning

Before starting to explore anal play, cleaning is necessary to protect our safety and health, allowing us to better focus on and enjoy pleasure.

2. Regulate your emotions to relax

You can try to arrange some small things to enhance the atmosphere, such as scented candles, playing sexy music, comfortable environment and lighting, etc. Make yourself more immersed and have a better emotional atmosphere. Of course, initial relaxation is also essential. As a novice, you may not be able to insert the anal plug due to nervousness at the beginning. At this time, we must use deep breathing exercises to relax the anal sphincter and allow the anal plug to enter better. This process You must be patient and take your time.

3. Start with small things

When you first try, apply lubricant on your hands or the outside of your anus and try to slide it in with your fingers. If you feel good, you can try adding another finger. Or if you are more concerned about hygiene, you can try using finger cots, which can ensure cleanliness and will not scratch your nails.

4. Find the right location

It's important to find a position in which you feel comfortable and relaxed, if you don't know which position will be more pleasurable at first. You can try the postures you are most familiar with first, then slowly try new ideas.

5. Try sex toys

Common anal sex toys include butt plugs, pull beads, dildos, anal vibrators, etc. These sex toys can greatly enhance your pleasure. Remember to choose sex toys with pull tabs or bases and remember to clean sex toys carefully before and after use. This is not only responsible for your hygiene and health, but also can extend the service life of sex toys.

6. Consider other stimuli

When exploring anal play, don't just focus on the anus. Don't ignore other erogenous and sensitive areas, such as the clitoris, scrotum, and nipples. Combining anal stimulation with these will promote the possibility of mixed orgasms. Have a better sexual experience.

7. Join a partner

After getting to know yourself, you can try adding a partner to anal play, where you can get new stimulating feelings and better inform the other person of your preferences.

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