Yes, we ensure discreet packaging for all shipments to protect your privacy.

Our vibrators cater to both solo and partnered play, elevating the shared experience for couples and adding excitement to moments of solitude. They can also be utilized during foreplay, intercourse, or in various playful combinations for added enjoyment.

Certainly, water-based lubricants are recommended for use. Please refrain from utilizing silicone-based ones as they may potentially harm the vibrator. Our aim is to ensure your enjoyment without any disappointments due to malfunction. When applying lubricant, avoid the side with the opening, referred to as "the mouth." To maintain the device's integrity, if you opt to use lubricants, consider using a condom to prevent lubricant from entering the device.

Silicone differs from plastic and is entirely safe. Nonetheless, if you're still uncertain, we recommend using it with a condom and lubricant for added reassurance.

We offer a range of products suitable for users at different experience levels, including beginner-friendly options with varying intensities and functionalities.

Proper maintenance is crucial for longevity and hygiene. Most of our products can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.