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2 in 1 Powerful Stimulating Rose Masturbator

2 in 1 Powerful Stimulating Rose Masturbator

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Experience 7 exhilarating sucking and tongue licking frequencies with our innovative device. The rotating airflow, driven by internal vibrations, tantalizes your clitoris, while the teasing flickering tongue on the opposite end intensifies the pleasure, guiding you to swift and intense orgasms. Effortlessly switch between various suctions and lickings using the button control for customizable sensations.


Meticulously crafted from safe, medical-grade silicone with a silky-smooth texture, this rose-inspired toy prioritizes hygiene and offers an odorless, comfortable experience throughout your intimate moments.


Embrace the liberty to explore with its waterproof design, enabling indulgence in intimate encounters in water and ensuring easy cleaning for continued enjoyment.


Equipped with convenient USB charging, revel in up to 2 hours of oral sex pleasure on a full charge, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment whenever desire strikes.


Unleash your desires and revel in the delightful pleasure of our Adorable Little Rose. Elevate your intimate encounters and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sensation of oral sex, delivering an experience unlike any other. Prepare for an extraordinary journey that will leave you craving more.


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