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Auto Thrust Rotating Masturbator

Auto Thrust Rotating Masturbator

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Product Description

Introducing a masturbator featuring a push and rotate function, delivering an intense, rocket-like orgasm. With 7 rotation and push modes, easily switch between various speeds at the touch of a button. Stimulating your entire experience, it swiftly leads to reaching the ultimate climax.


The innovative 3D particles simulate the sensation of real oral sex. Long particles mimic the feeling of gentle licking, creating an authentic experience. The transparent textured silicone case, featuring multiple rows of stimulating pens, effectively targets and excites the glans and the body. An automatic masturbator with large 3D particles inside ensures a strong and pleasurable friction. For optimal use, apply water-based lubricant to the opening and the device.


Enjoy powerful suction by attaching the super-strong cup to a flat surface. Securely fasten the masturbator, adjust the angle and height as desired, and indulge in the delightful stimulation provided by the soft, bumpy rows that caress and stimulate.


Desire discreet pleasure? Utilize the headphone jack on the control panel to enjoy discreetly amplified moans of pleasure. These arousing sounds heighten the experience, providing intense pleasure leading to a quick orgasm, making your dreams a reality with cup masturbators.


For easy cleaning, the oral sex toy features a removable interior that can be easily cleaned after use. Simply pull the cover up and remove the sleeve for cleaning. Rest assured, we ensure discreet packaging without sensitive words, prioritizing your privacy and confidentiality during delivery.


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