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Little Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker

Little Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker

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Product Description

The Little Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker is a breakthrough product designed to take your intimate experience to unprecedented heights. It has seven bass modes and operates at less than 50 decibels, allowing you to enjoy hidden pleasure anywhere, anytime.


With a unique sucking effect and seven different frequency settings, this innovative device ensures a deeply satisfying experience personalized to your preferences. The Little Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker will stimulate your most sensitive areas including the clitoris, nipples and earlobes for an unparalleled pleasure journey.


Equipped with a convenient magnetic charging port, the Sucking Vibrator activates in just 30 minutes and can be used continuously for up to 30 minutes. Say goodbye to interruptions - this pleasure companion is always ready to fulfill your desires.


With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Little Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker is not only easy to clean, but can also be used for water adventures, adding an exciting element to your intimate moments.


Experience a higher level of sensual fulfillment with the Yellow Duck Clitoral Sucker - cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled pleasure to create an unforgettable journey for you and your partner. Enhance your intimate moments and redefine pleasure with this sleek, sophisticated and powerful pleasure device.

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