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Osburn Oral Masturbator

Osburn Oral Masturbator

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Product Description

This highly realistic oral-sex toy is possibly one of the most lifelike inventions ever. The blowjob masturbator provides an incredibly authentic experience that feels remarkably close to the real thing. Notably, it autonomously moves up and down for added realism. Created and designed by Tracy's Gog.


Solo Play, 100% Hands-Free!

Insert your rod into the smooth, silky sleeves and indulge! It autonomously performs suction, swallowing, and moves up and down for your pleasure.


Quick & Easy To Take Apart

Disassembling the male masturbator device takes just three seconds, and reassembling it is equally swift. Cleaning becomes effortless and hassle-free!


For Practice, Teasing, Or Fast Off.

Whether aiming to improve endurance or seeking swift satisfaction, this device caters to both ends of the spectrum. Users can tease themselves by nearing climax, pausing, and then resuming. Regardless of your current mood, this automatic blowjob masturbator has you covered!


Ready To Use Out Of The Box

Included within the box are three samples of water-based lubricant, perfect for enhancing enjoyment during three exciting solo sessions with your blowjob masturbator.


Dump It, Wash It, Go Again!

Cleaning is effortless. Just remove the TPE sleeve, turn it inside out to dispose of any residue, and wash it thoroughly.


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