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Remote Control + APP Prostate Massager

Remote Control + APP Prostate Massager

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Introducing our cutting-edge anal sex toy designed for unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction. With a lifelike phallic shape featuring nine thrusting modes, our anal vibrator ensures an authentic experience that leaves you breathless. Crafted with a 0.6-inch thrusting range to target the prostate, its L-shaped design not only indulges the anal area but also tantalizes the perineum. Paired with dual cock rings, this vibrating prostate massager offers a triple delight sensation that will linger in your memory.


Experience the ultimate in pleasure with our 5-IN-1 Anal Vibrator Sex Toy. Offering nine thrusting modes, nine vibrating modes, a dual penis ring design, interactive APP functionality, and an increased diameter, this upgraded vibrator guarantees superior prostate orgasm stimulation. Enhanced with raised head and vein-like details, it caters to even the most advanced desires.


Feel the intense sensation with our Dual Motors Prostate Massager. With powerful dual motors, every touch electrifies the nerve endings in the anus, delivering unmatched pleasure from the user-friendly tip to the subtle protrusions that caress the skin.


Take control of your pleasure with our versatile 3 IN 1 Control Method Anal Vibrator. Whether through APP remote interaction, a 10m remote control, or standalone button control, our vibrator meets all your needs. Long-distance relationships are no barrier, thanks to the APP's video interaction feature designed to amplify excitement across any distance.


Designed for experienced users, our Bigger Anal Toy offers a maximum insertable length of 16cm and accommodating dimensions. Two silicone rings provide flexibility for a snug fit, ensuring intense stimulation tailored to your preferences.


Your privacy is our priority. Our male prostate massager is shipped discreetly in private packaging to protect your confidentiality. For optimal enjoyment and safety, we recommend using a generous amount of water-based lubricant before and during use.

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