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Retractable Posterior Plug Prostate Massager

Retractable Posterior Plug Prostate Massager

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Product Description

【Versatile and User-Friendly Functions】: Offering three adjustable telescopic strengths and seven varying frequencies in strong mode (vibration + telescopic), all accessible through a single button. Equipped with a 15-meter remote control, this device ensures enjoyment anytime, anywhere.


【Accessible and Unisex Design】: With a sleek bullet-shaped head measuring 32.2mm in diameter, an insertable depth of 115mm, a telescopic range of 12mm, and a 38mm end, each aspect is ergonomically crafted for a comfortable and safe experience. Simple to use, even for beginners.


【High-Quality Material Composition】: Crafted from premium, health-conscious materials, our product employs high-quality pure silicone for your safety and pleasure. The silky softness of the product can be felt upon touch, and there is no presence of any unpleasant odor.


【Waterproof USB Charging Design】: Engineered for 100% waterproof performance, the suction charging design ensures easy cleaning underwater, making it suitable for shower use. Featuring a long-lasting battery life, the product provides approximately 1 hour of operation after a full charge.


【Privacy Assurance and Exceptional After-Sales Service】: Your privacy is our priority. Upholding the highest standards of privacy protection, we ensure the best after-sales service. Let the excitement begin with your order, without any hesitation.

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