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Rugby Auto-Retractable Masturbation Cup

Rugby Auto-Retractable Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

Open-Ended Football Design for Unique and Exciting Pleasure
The YIMOOCH masturbator for men features an innovative open design, solving the length limitations of traditional closed cups and ensuring the entire length is stimulated and stroked. With 12 powerful vibration modes and the option for manual thrusting, it stimulates every nerve, offering versatile usage scenarios for solo play, couple stimulation, or gay sex play.


Unmatched Power for Enhanced Pleasure
This toy is equipped with two newly upgraded motors that can reach up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, surpassing the typical 5000-6000 rpm. With 12 vibration modes, combined with manual movements, you can create a variety of stimulation experiences. It’s an ideal choice for adult pleasure.


One-Hand Anti-Skid Design for Easy Control
Engineered for convenience, the masturbator features a unique anti-slip design on the exterior, allowing for one-handed operation even if your hands are wet. This frees up your other hand to operate a video or interact with your partner, enhancing the overall experience.


Quiet and Discreet Enjoyment
The blowjob stimulator uses a new motor that boosts power while reducing noise. Thanks to a refined assembly process, the operating noise is kept below 40 dB, ensuring you can enjoy high pleasure without disturbing others, whether you're in a hotel late at night or a quiet bedroom.


IPX7 Waterproof and Easy to Clean
The YIMOOCH male sex toy is IPX7 waterproof, making it perfect for use in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool. Its unique 3D textured pocket design makes it easy to clean without disassembly, saving you time compared to other closed devices.


Discreet Packaging and Reliable After-Sales Service
Your privacy is our priority, so the packaging features no product images. We offer a 6-month return and exchange policy, and our after-service team is always ready to assist you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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