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Steelcan Male Automatic Masturbator

Steelcan Male Automatic Masturbator

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Product Description

Steelcan utilizes innovative technology to offer a lifelike experience: incorporating a Fast Thrusting Mode that closely mimics the up and down movement of real sex. Additionally, its multi-angle rotation function aims to replicate the varied angles experienced during riding positions in intercourse. With 5 thrusting and 5 rotating speeds, coupled with vibration massage and heating options, it delivers comprehensive stimulation for ultimate pleasure.


  • 5 Thrusting and 3 Rotating Vibration Modes
  • Includes Vibration Massage and Heating Features
  • Waterproof and USB Rechargeable
  • Made from Silky Soft and Body-Safe TPE Material
  • Removable Sleeve for Easy Cleaning


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