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Vibrating Oral Sucking Masturbation Cup

Vibrating Oral Sucking Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

Experience 5 suctioning and telescoping modes combined with 10 vibrating modes, working in harmony to exhilarate your most sensitive glans and lead you to an explosive wave of orgasmic delight.


Featuring a soft, lifelike vulva crafted from TPE, this device simulates realistic oral sex motions, facilitating easy insertion and culminating in incredible climaxes.


Your delicate shaft is caressed with each movement of the inner sleeve's densely granulated tentacles, creating an encompassing sensation that mimics lifelike stroking motions. With IPX7 waterproofing, this device remains protected against various conditions, ensuring uninterrupted pleasure.


Immerse yourself in the sensations of varied suction and the tightening of a partner's vagina! Indulge in the experience you truly deserve and elevate your pleasure to new heights!

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