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Small Lifelike Sex Doll - Kelly

Small Lifelike Sex Doll - Kelly

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Introducing our adorable Japanese sex doll, boasting a slender and soft TPE silicone-like body. This stunningly realistic girl offers vaginal, anal, and oral openings for deeply satisfying sexual experiences. Crafted with a solid TPE body and an articulated metal skeleton, she effortlessly maneuvers into almost any position akin to a real woman, and even beyond.


Featuring velvety soft and lifelike skin, she's ready and eager, adorned with beautiful and alluring hair. Surprisingly, she remains a virgin, eagerly awaiting to find her forever sweetheart here on Doll Podium. Additionally, complimentary accessories are included with your purchase.



  • Doll Height: 100cm / 3 Feet 2inches
  • Vaginal depth: 17cm / 6 inches
  • Anal depth: 17cm / 6 inches
  • Weight: 10kg / 22lb
  • Breast: 50cm
  • Waist: 34cm
  • Hip: 55cm
  • Foot Length: 13cm

Material: Crafted from Platinum Silicone-like TPE with a Metal Skeleton, ensuring durability and lifelike flexibility.


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